ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8146-gdc0ed6d
afwarp.h File Reference
#include "afhints.h"
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struct  AF_WarperRec_


#define AF_WARPER_FLOOR(x)   ( (x) & ~FT_TYPEOF( x )63 )
#define AF_WARPER_CEIL(x)   AF_WARPER_FLOOR( (x) + 63 )


typedef FT_Int32 AF_WarpScore
typedef struct AF_WarperRec_ AF_WarperRec
typedef struct AF_WarperRec_AF_Warper


 af_warper_compute (AF_Warper warper, AF_GlyphHints hints, AF_Dimension dim, FT_Fixed *a_scale, FT_Fixed *a_delta)

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#define AF_WARPER_CEIL (   x)    AF_WARPER_FLOOR( (x) + 63 )

Definition at line 29 of file afwarp.h.


#define AF_WARPER_FLOOR (   x)    ( (x) & ~FT_TYPEOF( x )63 )

Definition at line 28 of file afwarp.h.



Definition at line 26 of file afwarp.h.

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◆ AF_Warper

◆ AF_WarperRec

◆ AF_WarpScore

typedef FT_Int32 AF_WarpScore

Definition at line 32 of file afwarp.h.

Function Documentation

◆ af_warper_compute()

af_warper_compute ( AF_Warper  warper,
AF_GlyphHints  hints,
AF_Dimension  dim,
FT_Fixed a_scale,
FT_Fixed a_delta 

Referenced by af_latin_hints_apply().