ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5492-g47f3a4e
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#define VERSION   "FreeLoader v3.0"
#define COPYRIGHT   "Copyright (C) 1996-" COPYRIGHT_YEAR " ReactOS Project"
#define AUTHOR_EMAIL   "<>"
#define BY_AUTHOR   "by ReactOS Project"


const PCSTR FrLdrVersionString

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#define AUTHOR_EMAIL   "<>"

Definition at line 25 of file ver.h.


#define BY_AUTHOR   "by ReactOS Project"

Definition at line 26 of file ver.h.


#define COPYRIGHT   "Copyright (C) 1996-" COPYRIGHT_YEAR " ReactOS Project"

Definition at line 24 of file ver.h.



Definition at line 35 of file ver.h.



Definition at line 36 of file ver.h.



Definition at line 37 of file ver.h.


#define VERSION   "FreeLoader v3.0"

Definition at line 23 of file ver.h.

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◆ FrLdrVersionString

const PCSTR FrLdrVersionString

Definition at line 32 of file freeldr.c.

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