ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7889-g76290a6
FX_POOL Struct Reference

#include <fxpool.h>

Collaboration diagram for FX_POOL:

Public Attributes

MxLockNoDynam NonPagedLock
MxPagedLockNoDynam PagedLock
SIZE_T NonPagedBytes
SIZE_T PagedBytes
ULONG NonPagedAllocations
ULONG PagedAllocations
SIZE_T PeakNonPagedBytes
SIZE_T PeakPagedBytes
ULONG PeakNonPagedAllocations
ULONG PeakPagedAllocations

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file fxpool.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ NonPagedAllocations

ULONG FX_POOL::NonPagedAllocations

Definition at line 74 of file fxpool.h.

◆ NonPagedBytes

SIZE_T FX_POOL::NonPagedBytes

Definition at line 71 of file fxpool.h.

◆ NonPagedHead


Definition at line 65 of file fxpool.h.

◆ NonPagedLock

MxLockNoDynam FX_POOL::NonPagedLock

Definition at line 64 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PagedAllocations

ULONG FX_POOL::PagedAllocations

Definition at line 75 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PagedBytes

SIZE_T FX_POOL::PagedBytes

Definition at line 72 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PagedHead


Definition at line 68 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PagedLock

MxPagedLockNoDynam FX_POOL::PagedLock

Definition at line 67 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PeakNonPagedAllocations

ULONG FX_POOL::PeakNonPagedAllocations

Definition at line 81 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PeakNonPagedBytes

SIZE_T FX_POOL::PeakNonPagedBytes

Definition at line 78 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PeakPagedAllocations

ULONG FX_POOL::PeakPagedAllocations

Definition at line 82 of file fxpool.h.

◆ PeakPagedBytes

SIZE_T FX_POOL::PeakPagedBytes

Definition at line 79 of file fxpool.h.

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