ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
tagDirectPlay2Data Struct Reference

#include <dplay_global.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DPQ_HEAD (DPMSG) receiveMsgs
 DPQ_HEAD (DPMSG) sendMsgs

Public Attributes

BOOL bConnectionOpen
HANDLE hEnumSessionThread
HANDLE hKillEnumSessionThreadEvent
DWORD dwEnumSessionLock
LPVOID lpNameServerData
BOOL bHostInterface
lpGroupData lpSysGroup
BOOL bSPInitialized
BOOL bDPLSPInitialized
HMODULE hServiceProvider
HMODULE hDPLobbyProvider
enum SPSTATE connectionInitialized

Detailed Description

Definition at line 142 of file dplay_global.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DPQ_HEAD() [1/3]

tagDirectPlay2Data::DPQ_HEAD ( DPMSG  )

◆ DPQ_HEAD() [2/3]

tagDirectPlay2Data::DPQ_HEAD ( DPMSG  )

◆ DPQ_HEAD() [3/3]

tagDirectPlay2Data::DPQ_HEAD ( tagDP_MSG_REPLY_STRUCT_LIST  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ bConnectionOpen

BOOL tagDirectPlay2Data::bConnectionOpen

Definition at line 144 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ bDPLSPInitialized

BOOL tagDirectPlay2Data::bDPLSPInitialized

Definition at line 169 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ bHostInterface

BOOL tagDirectPlay2Data::bHostInterface

Definition at line 153 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ bSPInitialized

BOOL tagDirectPlay2Data::bSPInitialized

Definition at line 165 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ connectionInitialized

enum SPSTATE tagDirectPlay2Data::connectionInitialized

Definition at line 177 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ dplspData

SPDATA_INIT tagDirectPlay2Data::dplspData

Definition at line 168 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ dwEnumSessionLock

DWORD tagDirectPlay2Data::dwEnumSessionLock

Definition at line 149 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ hDPLobbyProvider

HMODULE tagDirectPlay2Data::hDPLobbyProvider

Definition at line 175 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ hEnumSessionThread

HANDLE tagDirectPlay2Data::hEnumSessionThread

Definition at line 147 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ hKillEnumSessionThreadEvent

HANDLE tagDirectPlay2Data::hKillEnumSessionThreadEvent

Definition at line 148 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ hServiceProvider

HMODULE tagDirectPlay2Data::hServiceProvider

Definition at line 172 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ lpNameServerData

LPVOID tagDirectPlay2Data::lpNameServerData

Definition at line 151 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ lpSessionDesc

LPDPSESSIONDESC2 tagDirectPlay2Data::lpSessionDesc

Definition at line 157 of file dplay_global.h.

Referenced by NS_ReplyToEnumSessionsRequest().

◆ lpSysGroup

lpGroupData tagDirectPlay2Data::lpSysGroup

Definition at line 155 of file dplay_global.h.

◆ spData

SPINITDATA tagDirectPlay2Data::spData

Definition at line 164 of file dplay_global.h.

Referenced by NS_ReplyToEnumSessionsRequest().

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