ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8390-g075894b
acpi_dbg2_device Struct Reference

#include <actbl1.h>

Public Attributes

UINT8 Revision
UINT16 Length
UINT8 RegisterCount
UINT16 NamepathLength
UINT16 NamepathOffset
UINT16 OemDataLength
UINT16 OemDataOffset
UINT16 PortType
UINT16 PortSubtype
UINT16 Reserved
UINT16 BaseAddressOffset
UINT16 AddressSizeOffset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 801 of file actbl1.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AddressSizeOffset

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::AddressSizeOffset

Definition at line 814 of file actbl1.h.

◆ BaseAddressOffset

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::BaseAddressOffset

Definition at line 813 of file actbl1.h.

◆ Length

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::Length

Definition at line 804 of file actbl1.h.

◆ NamepathLength

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::NamepathLength

Definition at line 806 of file actbl1.h.

◆ NamepathOffset

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::NamepathOffset

Definition at line 807 of file actbl1.h.

◆ OemDataLength

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::OemDataLength

Definition at line 808 of file actbl1.h.

◆ OemDataOffset

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::OemDataOffset

Definition at line 809 of file actbl1.h.

◆ PortSubtype

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::PortSubtype

Definition at line 811 of file actbl1.h.

◆ PortType

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::PortType

Definition at line 810 of file actbl1.h.

◆ RegisterCount

UINT8 acpi_dbg2_device::RegisterCount

Definition at line 805 of file actbl1.h.

◆ Reserved

UINT16 acpi_dbg2_device::Reserved

Definition at line 812 of file actbl1.h.

◆ Revision

UINT8 acpi_dbg2_device::Revision

Definition at line 803 of file actbl1.h.

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