ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8344-g0574987
IDirectPlayLobbyImpl Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for IDirectPlayLobbyImpl:

Public Attributes

IDirectPlayLobby IDirectPlayLobby_iface
IDirectPlayLobbyA IDirectPlayLobbyA_iface
IDirectPlayLobby2 IDirectPlayLobby2_iface
IDirectPlayLobby2A IDirectPlayLobby2A_iface
IDirectPlayLobby3 IDirectPlayLobby3_iface
IDirectPlayLobby3A IDirectPlayLobby3A_iface
LONG numIfaces
LONG ref
LONG ref2
LONG ref2A
LONG ref3
LONG ref3A
HKEY cbkeyhack
DWORD msgtid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file dplobby.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cbkeyhack

HKEY IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::cbkeyhack

Definition at line 77 of file dplobby.c.

Referenced by RunApplicationA_EnumLocalApplications().

◆ IDirectPlayLobby2_iface

IDirectPlayLobby2 IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::IDirectPlayLobby2_iface

Definition at line 70 of file dplobby.c.

◆ IDirectPlayLobby2A_iface

IDirectPlayLobby2A IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::IDirectPlayLobby2A_iface

Definition at line 71 of file dplobby.c.

◆ IDirectPlayLobby3_iface

IDirectPlayLobby3 IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::IDirectPlayLobby3_iface

Definition at line 72 of file dplobby.c.

◆ IDirectPlayLobby3A_iface

IDirectPlayLobby3A IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::IDirectPlayLobby3A_iface

Definition at line 73 of file dplobby.c.

◆ IDirectPlayLobby_iface

IDirectPlayLobby IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::IDirectPlayLobby_iface

Definition at line 68 of file dplobby.c.

◆ IDirectPlayLobbyA_iface

IDirectPlayLobbyA IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::IDirectPlayLobbyA_iface

Definition at line 69 of file dplobby.c.

◆ lock

CRITICAL_SECTION IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::lock

Definition at line 76 of file dplobby.c.

◆ msgtid

DWORD IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::msgtid

Definition at line 78 of file dplobby.c.

◆ numIfaces

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::numIfaces

Definition at line 74 of file dplobby.c.

◆ ref

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::ref

Definition at line 75 of file dplobby.c.

◆ ref2

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::ref2

Definition at line 75 of file dplobby.c.

◆ ref2A

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::ref2A

Definition at line 75 of file dplobby.c.

◆ ref3

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::ref3

Definition at line 75 of file dplobby.c.

◆ ref3A

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::ref3A

Definition at line 75 of file dplobby.c.

◆ refA

LONG IDirectPlayLobbyImpl::refA

Definition at line 75 of file dplobby.c.

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