ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8222-g9164419
tiff_resolution_test_data Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for tiff_resolution_test_data:

Public Attributes

struct IFD_rational resx
struct IFD_rational resy
LONG resolution_unit
double expected_dpi_x
double expected_dpi_y
double broken_dpi_x
double broken_dpi_y

Detailed Description

Definition at line 191 of file tiffformat.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ broken_dpi_x

double tiff_resolution_test_data::broken_dpi_x

Definition at line 199 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ broken_dpi_y

double tiff_resolution_test_data::broken_dpi_y

Definition at line 200 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ expected_dpi_x

double tiff_resolution_test_data::expected_dpi_x

Definition at line 196 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ expected_dpi_y

double tiff_resolution_test_data::expected_dpi_y

Definition at line 197 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ resolution_unit

LONG tiff_resolution_test_data::resolution_unit

Definition at line 195 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ resx

struct IFD_rational tiff_resolution_test_data::resx

Definition at line 193 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ resy

struct IFD_rational tiff_resolution_test_data::resy

Definition at line 194 of file tiffformat.c.

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