ReactOS  0.4.12-dev-14-gd0c8636
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1 /* NFSv4.1 client for Windows
2  * Copyright 2012 The Regents of the University of Michigan
3  *
4  * Olga Kornievskaia <>
5  * Casey Bodley <>
6  *
7  * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
8  * under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
9  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at
10  * your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
13  * without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability
14  * or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU Lesser General Public
15  * License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
18  * along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
19  * Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
20  */
22 #ifndef __NFS41_DAEMON_NAME_CACHE_H__
23 #define __NFS41_DAEMON_NAME_CACHE_H__
25 #include "nfs41.h"
28 static __inline struct nfs41_name_cache* client_name_cache(
30 {
31  return client_server(client)->name_cache;
32 }
34 static __inline struct nfs41_name_cache* session_name_cache(
35  IN nfs41_session *session)
36 {
37  return client_name_cache(session->client);
38 }
41 /* attribute cache */
43  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
44  IN uint64_t fileid,
45  OUT nfs41_file_info *info_out);
48  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
49  IN uint64_t fileid,
50  IN const nfs41_file_info *info);
53 /* name cache */
55  OUT struct nfs41_name_cache **cache_out);
58  IN OUT struct nfs41_name_cache **cache_out);
61  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
62  IN const char *path,
63  IN const char *path_end,
64  OUT OPTIONAL const char **remaining_path_out,
65  OUT OPTIONAL nfs41_fh *parent_out,
66  OUT OPTIONAL nfs41_fh *target_out,
67  OUT OPTIONAL nfs41_file_info *info_out,
68  OUT OPTIONAL bool_t *is_negative);
71  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
72  IN const char *path,
73  IN const nfs41_component *name,
74  IN OPTIONAL const nfs41_fh *fh,
76  IN OPTIONAL const change_info4 *cinfo,
77  IN enum open_delegation_type4 delegation);
80  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
81  IN uint64_t fileid,
82  IN const char *path,
83  IN const nfs41_component *name);
86  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
87  IN const char *path,
88  IN const nfs41_component *name,
89  IN uint64_t fileid,
90  IN const change_info4 *cinfo);
93  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
94  IN const char *src_path,
95  IN const nfs41_component *src_name,
96  IN const change_info4 *src_cinfo,
97  IN const char *dst_path,
98  IN const nfs41_component *dst_name,
99  IN const change_info4 *dst_cinfo);
102  IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache,
103  IN nfs41_session *session,
106 #endif /* !__NFS41_DAEMON_NAME_CACHE_H__ */
int nfs41_name_cache_delegreturn(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN uint64_t fileid, IN const char *path, IN const nfs41_component *name)
Definition: name_cache.c:1012
Definition: cache.c:46
#define IN
Definition: typedefs.h:38
int nfs41_name_cache_create(OUT struct nfs41_name_cache **cache_out)
Definition: name_cache.c:752
int32_t bool_t
Definition: types.h:101
Definition: nfs41_ops.h:585
struct nfs41_name_cache * name_cache
Definition: nfs41.h:84
static __inline struct nfs41_name_cache * session_name_cache(IN nfs41_session *session)
Definition: name_cache.h:34
int nfs41_attr_cache_update(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN uint64_t fileid, IN const nfs41_file_info *info)
Definition: name_cache.c:891
static __inline nfs41_server * client_server(IN nfs41_client *client)
Definition: nfs41.h:428
static __inline struct nfs41_name_cache * client_name_cache(IN nfs41_client *client)
Definition: name_cache.h:28
static FILE * client
Definition: client.c:41
int nfs41_name_cache_rename(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN const char *src_path, IN const nfs41_component *src_name, IN const change_info4 *src_cinfo, IN const char *dst_path, IN const nfs41_component *dst_name, IN const change_info4 *dst_cinfo)
Definition: name_cache.c:1122
int nfs41_attr_cache_lookup(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN uint64_t fileid, OUT nfs41_file_info *info_out)
Definition: name_cache.c:859
int nfs41_name_cache_free(IN OUT struct nfs41_name_cache **cache_out)
int nfs41_name_cache_lookup(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN const char *path, IN const char *path_end, OUT OPTIONAL const char **remaining_path_out, OUT OPTIONAL nfs41_fh *parent_out, OUT OPTIONAL nfs41_fh *target_out, OUT OPTIONAL nfs41_file_info *info_out, OUT OPTIONAL bool_t *is_negative)
Definition: name_cache.c:824
UINT64 uint64_t
Definition: types.h:77
Definition: services.c:325
Definition: name.c:36
#define OUT
Definition: typedefs.h:39
int nfs41_name_cache_insert(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN const char *path, IN const nfs41_component *name, IN OPTIONAL const nfs41_fh *fh, IN OPTIONAL const nfs41_file_info *info, IN OPTIONAL const change_info4 *cinfo, IN enum open_delegation_type4 delegation)
Definition: name_cache.c:923
int nfs41_name_cache_remove_stale(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN nfs41_session *session, IN nfs41_abs_path *path)
Definition: name_cache.c:1359
int nfs41_name_cache_remove(IN struct nfs41_name_cache *cache, IN const char *path, IN const nfs41_component *name, IN uint64_t fileid, IN const change_info4 *cinfo)
Definition: name_cache.c:1066
Definition: CrossNt.h:68