ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7705-g2320c37
btrfs_inode_info Struct Reference

#include <btrfsioctl.h>

Public Attributes

uint64_t subvol
uint64_t inode
BOOL top
uint8_t type
uint32_t st_uid
uint32_t st_gid
uint32_t st_mode
uint64_t st_rdev
uint64_t flags
uint32_t inline_length
uint64_t disk_size_uncompressed
uint64_t disk_size_zlib
uint64_t disk_size_lzo
uint8_t compression_type
uint64_t disk_size_zstd
uint64_t sparse_size
uint32_t num_extents

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file btrfsioctl.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ compression_type

uint8_t btrfs_inode_info::compression_type

◆ disk_size_lzo

uint64_t btrfs_inode_info::disk_size_lzo

◆ disk_size_uncompressed

uint64_t btrfs_inode_info::disk_size_uncompressed

◆ disk_size_zlib

uint64_t btrfs_inode_info::disk_size_zlib

◆ disk_size_zstd

uint64_t btrfs_inode_info::disk_size_zstd

◆ flags

◆ inline_length

uint32_t btrfs_inode_info::inline_length

◆ inode

◆ num_extents

uint32_t btrfs_inode_info::num_extents

◆ sparse_size

uint64_t btrfs_inode_info::sparse_size

◆ st_gid

uint32_t btrfs_inode_info::st_gid

◆ st_mode

◆ st_rdev

◆ st_uid

uint32_t btrfs_inode_info::st_uid

◆ subvol

uint64_t btrfs_inode_info::subvol

◆ top

BOOL btrfs_inode_info::top

◆ type

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