ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8207-gd73a838
aml_resource_gpio Struct Reference

#include <amlresrc.h>

Public Attributes

UINT8 ConnectionType
UINT16 Flags
UINT16 IntFlags
UINT8 PinConfig
UINT16 DriveStrength
UINT16 DebounceTimeout
UINT16 PinTableOffset
UINT8 ResSourceIndex
UINT16 ResSourceOffset
UINT16 VendorOffset
UINT16 VendorLength

Detailed Description

Definition at line 416 of file amlresrc.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ConnectionType

UINT8 aml_resource_gpio::ConnectionType

Definition at line 420 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ DebounceTimeout

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::DebounceTimeout

Definition at line 425 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ DriveStrength

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::DriveStrength

Definition at line 424 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ Flags

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::Flags

Definition at line 421 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ IntFlags

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::IntFlags

Definition at line 422 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ PinConfig

UINT8 aml_resource_gpio::PinConfig

Definition at line 423 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ PinTableOffset

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::PinTableOffset

Definition at line 426 of file amlresrc.h.

Referenced by AcpiRsGetListLength().

◆ ResSourceIndex

UINT8 aml_resource_gpio::ResSourceIndex

Definition at line 427 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ ResSourceOffset

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::ResSourceOffset

Definition at line 428 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ RevisionId

AML_RESOURCE_LARGE_HEADER_COMMON UINT8 aml_resource_gpio::RevisionId

Definition at line 419 of file amlresrc.h.

◆ VendorLength

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::VendorLength

Definition at line 430 of file amlresrc.h.

Referenced by AcpiRsGetListLength().

◆ VendorOffset

UINT16 aml_resource_gpio::VendorOffset

Definition at line 429 of file amlresrc.h.

Referenced by AcpiRsGetListLength().

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