ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8417-gb6b82fe
registry.h File Reference
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class  RegistrySettings


#define MAX_RECENT_FILES   4
#define BAR1ID_TOP   0x0000e81b
#define BAR1ID_BOTTOM   0x0000e81e
#define BAR2ID_LEFT   0x0000e81c
#define BAR2ID_RIGHT   0x0000e81d

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#define BAR1ID_BOTTOM   0x0000e81e

Definition at line 51 of file registry.h.


#define BAR1ID_TOP   0x0000e81b

Definition at line 50 of file registry.h.


#define BAR2ID_LEFT   0x0000e81c

Definition at line 55 of file registry.h.


#define BAR2ID_RIGHT   0x0000e81d

Definition at line 56 of file registry.h.


#define MAX_RECENT_FILES   4

Definition at line 10 of file registry.h.