ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3316-g067ca88
msctf_classes.idl File Reference

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class  TF_ThreadMgr
class  TF_CategoryMgr
class  TF_DisplayAttributeMgr


coclass TF_ThreadMgr threading (apartment)
coclass TF_ThreadMgr uuid (33c53a50-f456-4884-b049-85fd643ecfed)] coclass TF_InputProcessorProfiles
coclass TF_CategoryMgr uuid (ebb08c45-6c4a-4fdc-ae53-4eb8c4c7db8e)] coclass TF_LangBarMgr

Function Documentation

◆ threading()

coclass TF_ThreadMgr threading ( apartment  )

◆ uuid() [1/2]

coclass TF_ThreadMgr uuid ( 33c53a50-f456-4884-b049-  85fd643ecfed)

Definition at line 31 of file msctf_classes.idl.

33  { interface ITfInputProcessorProfiles; }

◆ uuid() [2/2]

coclass TF_CategoryMgr uuid ( ebb08c45-6c4a-4fdc-ae53-  4eb8c4c7db8e)

Definition at line 43 of file msctf_classes.idl.

45  { interface ITfLangBarMgr; }