ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8428-g6910fa6
ntrxdef.h File Reference
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#define INLINE   __inline
#define RxCaptureFcb   PFCB __C_Fcb = (PFCB)(RxContext->pFcb)
#define RxCaptureFobx   PFOBX __C_Fobx = (PFOBX)(RxContext->pFobx)
#define RxCaptureParamBlock   PIO_STACK_LOCATION __C_IrpSp = RxContext->CurrentIrpSp
#define RxCaptureFileObject   PFILE_OBJECT __C_FileObject = __C_IrpSp-> FileObject
#define capFcb   __C_Fcb
#define capFobx   __C_Fobx
#define capPARAMS   __C_IrpSp
#define capFileObject   __C_FileObject
#define RxAllocatePoolWithTag   ExAllocatePoolWithTag
#define RxFreePool   ExFreePool
#define RxIsResourceOwnershipStateExclusive(Resource)   (FlagOn((Resource)->Flag, ResourceOwnedExclusive))
#define RxMdlIsLocked(Mdl)   ((Mdl)->MdlFlags & MDL_PAGES_LOCKED)
#define RxMdlSourceIsNonPaged(Mdl)   ((Mdl)->MdlFlags & MDL_SOURCE_IS_NONPAGED_POOL)
#define RxGetRequestorProcess(RxContext)   IoGetRequestorProcess(RxContext->CurrentIrp)
#define RxAdjustAllocationSizeforCC(Fcb)

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◆ capFcb

#define capFcb   __C_Fcb

Definition at line 20 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ capFileObject

#define capFileObject   __C_FileObject

Definition at line 23 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ capFobx

#define capFobx   __C_Fobx

Definition at line 21 of file ntrxdef.h.


#define capPARAMS   __C_IrpSp

Definition at line 22 of file ntrxdef.h.


#define INLINE   __inline

Definition at line 4 of file ntrxdef.h.



Definition at line 6 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxAdjustAllocationSizeforCC

#define RxAdjustAllocationSizeforCC (   Fcb)
{ \
if ((Fcb)->Header.FileSize.QuadPart > (Fcb)->Header.AllocationSize.QuadPart) \
{ \
PMRX_NET_ROOT NetRoot = (Fcb)->pNetRoot; \
ULONGLONG ClusterSize = NetRoot->DiskParameters.ClusterSize; \
ULONGLONG FileSize = (Fcb)->Header.FileSize.QuadPart; \
(Fcb)->Header.AllocationSize.QuadPart = (FileSize + ClusterSize) &~ (ClusterSize - 1); \
} \
ASSERT ((Fcb)->Header.ValidDataLength.QuadPart <= (Fcb)->Header.FileSize.QuadPart); \
DWORD ClusterSize
Definition: format.c:67
_In_ PFCB Fcb
Definition: cdprocs.h:159
Definition: Header.h:9
Header(const std::string &filename_)
Definition: Header.h:18
_Must_inspect_result_ _Out_ PLARGE_INTEGER FileSize
Definition: fsrtlfuncs.h:108
#define ASSERT(a)
Definition: mode.c:44
struct _MRX_NET_ROOT_::@2067::@2070 DiskParameters
uint64_t ULONGLONG
Definition: typedefs.h:67

Definition at line 35 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxAllocatePoolWithTag

#define RxAllocatePoolWithTag   ExAllocatePoolWithTag

Definition at line 25 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxCaptureFcb

#define RxCaptureFcb   PFCB __C_Fcb = (PFCB)(RxContext->pFcb)

Definition at line 10 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxCaptureFileObject

#define RxCaptureFileObject   PFILE_OBJECT __C_FileObject = __C_IrpSp-> FileObject

Definition at line 18 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxCaptureFobx

#define RxCaptureFobx   PFOBX __C_Fobx = (PFOBX)(RxContext->pFobx)

Definition at line 11 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxCaptureParamBlock

#define RxCaptureParamBlock   PIO_STACK_LOCATION __C_IrpSp = RxContext->CurrentIrpSp

Definition at line 17 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxFreePool

#define RxFreePool   ExFreePool

Definition at line 26 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxGetRequestorProcess

#define RxGetRequestorProcess (   RxContext)    IoGetRequestorProcess(RxContext->CurrentIrp)

Definition at line 33 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxIsResourceOwnershipStateExclusive

#define RxIsResourceOwnershipStateExclusive (   Resource)    (FlagOn((Resource)->Flag, ResourceOwnedExclusive))

Definition at line 28 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxMdlIsLocked

#define RxMdlIsLocked (   Mdl)    ((Mdl)->MdlFlags & MDL_PAGES_LOCKED)

Definition at line 30 of file ntrxdef.h.

◆ RxMdlSourceIsNonPaged

#define RxMdlSourceIsNonPaged (   Mdl)    ((Mdl)->MdlFlags & MDL_SOURCE_IS_NONPAGED_POOL)

Definition at line 31 of file ntrxdef.h.