ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7711-g5627da4
regsvr_metadatareader Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

CLSID constclsid
LPCSTR author
LPCSTR friendlyname
LPCSTR version
LPCSTR specversion
GUID constvendor
GUID constmetadata_format
DWORD requires_fullstream
DWORD supports_padding
DWORD requires_fixedsize
const struct reader_containerscontainers

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file regsvr.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ author

LPCSTR regsvr_metadatareader::author

Definition at line 116 of file regsvr.c.

◆ clsid

CLSID const* regsvr_metadatareader::clsid

Definition at line 115 of file regsvr.c.

◆ containers

const struct reader_containers* regsvr_metadatareader::containers

Definition at line 125 of file regsvr.c.

◆ friendlyname

LPCSTR regsvr_metadatareader::friendlyname

Definition at line 117 of file regsvr.c.

◆ metadata_format

GUID const* regsvr_metadatareader::metadata_format

Definition at line 121 of file regsvr.c.

◆ requires_fixedsize

DWORD regsvr_metadatareader::requires_fixedsize

Definition at line 124 of file regsvr.c.

◆ requires_fullstream

DWORD regsvr_metadatareader::requires_fullstream

Definition at line 122 of file regsvr.c.

◆ specversion

LPCSTR regsvr_metadatareader::specversion

Definition at line 119 of file regsvr.c.

◆ supports_padding

DWORD regsvr_metadatareader::supports_padding

Definition at line 123 of file regsvr.c.

◆ vendor

GUID const* regsvr_metadatareader::vendor

Definition at line 120 of file regsvr.c.

◆ version

LPCSTR regsvr_metadatareader::version

Definition at line 118 of file regsvr.c.

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