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evtdetctl.h File Reference
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#define EVT_SETFILTER   (WM_APP + 2)
#define EVT_DISPLAY   (WM_APP + 3)


HWND CreateEventDetailsCtrl (HINSTANCE hInstance, HWND hParentWnd, LPARAM lParam)

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#define EVT_DISPLAY   (WM_APP + 3)

Definition at line 15 of file evtdetctl.h.

Referenced by EventDetails(), EventDetailsCtrl(), and WndProc().


#define EVT_SETFILTER   (WM_APP + 2)

Definition at line 14 of file evtdetctl.h.

Referenced by EventDetailsCtrl(), and WndProc().

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◆ CreateEventDetailsCtrl()

HWND CreateEventDetailsCtrl ( HINSTANCE  hInstance,
HWND  hParentWnd,
LPARAM  lParam 

Definition at line 937 of file evtdetctl.c.

Referenced by EventDetails(), and InitInstance().

940 {
941  return CreateDialogParamW(hInstance,
943  hParentWnd, EventDetailsCtrl, lParam);
944 }
Definition: resource.h:24
static INT_PTR CALLBACK EventDetailsCtrl(HWND hDlg, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
Definition: evtdetctl.c:783
HWND WINAPI CreateDialogParamW(_In_opt_ HINSTANCE, _In_ LPCWSTR, _In_opt_ HWND, _In_opt_ DLGPROC, _In_ LPARAM)
Definition: winuser.h:582
Definition: combotst.c:139