ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7924-g5949c20
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1typedef struct _BRUSHINST
3 // We need to removed ajC0-3 when color pattern code is complete!!!
4 //
5 BYTE ajC0[8]; // Color bits for plane 0
6 BYTE ajC1[8]; // Color bits for plane 1
7 BYTE ajC2[8]; // Color bits for plane 2
8 BYTE ajC3[8]; // Color bits for plane 3
10 BYTE ajPattern[32]; // Color bits for the mask
11 USHORT usStyle; // Brush style
12 BYTE fjAccel; // Accelerator flags
13 BYTE jFgColor; // Current foreground color
14 BYTE jBkColor; // Current background color
18 DWORD Width; // Width of brush
20 BYTE *pPattern; //Pointer to realized mono pattern
23#define BRI_SOLID 0
24#define BRI_HOLLOW 1
25#define BRI_HATCHED 2
26#define BRI_PATTERN 3
27#define BRI_MONO_PATTERN 4
30// Definitions for the pcol_C3 byte of the physical color
32// Some of these definitions have limitations as to when they
33// are valid. They are as follows:
35// C0_BIT color device, phys color, solid brushes if SOLID_COLOR
36// C1_BIT color device, phys color, solid brushes if SOLID_COLOR
37// C2_BIT color device, phys color, solid brushes if SOLID_COLOR
38// C3_BIT color device, phys color, solid brushes if SOLID_COLOR
39// MONO_BIT mono device, phys color
40// ONES_OR_ZEROS color device, phys color, solid brushes if SOLID_COLOR
41// GREY_SCALE color device, dithered solid and hatched brushes
42// SOLID_BRUSH color device, solid brush qualifier
44// There may be brushes where the accelerators could have been set,
45// but wasn't. That's life.
47#define C0_BIT 0x01 // C0 color
48#define C1_BIT 0x02 // C1 color
49#define C2_BIT 0x04 // C2 color
50#define C3_BIT 0x08 // C3 color
51#define COLOR_BITS 0x0f // All the color bits
52#define MONO_BIT 0x10 // Monochrome bit
53#define ONES_OR_ZEROS 0x20 // Color is really all 1's or all 0's
54#define GREY_SCALE 0x40 // Indicates a real grey scale brush
55#define SOLID_BRUSH 0x80 // Indicates a solid color brush
57#define PTRI_INVERT 0x0001
58#define PTRI_ANIMATE 0x0002
unsigned long DWORD
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:95
unsigned short USHORT
Definition: pedump.c:61
BYTE YShiftValue
Definition: brush.h:16
BYTE ajC1[8]
Definition: brush.h:6
BYTE ajPattern[32]
Definition: brush.h:10
BYTE jBkColor
Definition: brush.h:14
BYTE ajC0[8]
Definition: brush.h:5
BYTE ajC3[8]
Definition: brush.h:8
BYTE jOldBrushRealized
Definition: brush.h:17
BYTE fjAccel
Definition: brush.h:12
Definition: brush.h:18
BYTE jFgColor
Definition: brush.h:13
BYTE ajC2[8]
Definition: brush.h:7
DWORD Height
Definition: brush.h:19
BYTE * pPattern
Definition: brush.h:20
USHORT usStyle
Definition: brush.h:11
BYTE RealWidth
Definition: brush.h:15
unsigned char BYTE
Definition: xxhash.c:193