ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8222-g9164419
IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO:

Public Attributes

ULONG cbSize
LPWSTR szExtraInfo
DWORD grfBindInfoF
DWORD dwBindVerb
LPWSTR szCustomVerb
DWORD cbstgmedData
DWORD dwOptions
DWORD dwOptionsFlags
DWORD dwCodePage
IID iid
DWORD dwReserved

Detailed Description

Definition at line 171 of file urlmon.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cbSize

ULONG IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::cbSize

Definition at line 173 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ cbstgmedData

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::cbstgmedData

Definition at line 178 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwBindVerb

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::dwBindVerb

Definition at line 176 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwCodePage

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::dwCodePage

Definition at line 181 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwOptions

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::dwOptions

Definition at line 179 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwOptionsFlags

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::dwOptionsFlags

Definition at line 180 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwReserved

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::dwReserved

Definition at line 185 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ grfBindInfoF

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::grfBindInfoF

Definition at line 175 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ iid

IID IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::iid

Definition at line 183 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ pUnk

IUnknown* IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::pUnk

Definition at line 184 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ securityAttributes

REMSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::securityAttributes

Definition at line 182 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ szCustomVerb

LPWSTR IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::szCustomVerb

Definition at line 177 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ szExtraInfo

LPWSTR IBindStatusCallback::_tagRemBINDINFO::szExtraInfo

Definition at line 174 of file urlmon.idl.

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