ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-506-ga3ec01c
smiENTITYINFO Struct Reference

#include <winsnmp.h>

Collaboration diagram for smiENTITYINFO:

Public Attributes

smiUINT32 nTranslateMode
smiUINT32 nSnmpVersion
smiOCTETS dFriendlyName
smiUINT32 nAddressFamily
smiOCTETS dAddressString
smiUINT32 nRequestPort
smiUINT32 nNotificationPort
smiUINT32 nMaxMsgSize
smiOCTETS dEngineID
smiUINT32 nEngineBoots
smiUINT32 nEngineTime
smiUINT32 nEngineSeconds
smiUINT32 nRetransmitMode
smiTIMETICKS nPolicyTimeout
smiUINT32 nPolicyRetry
smiTIMETICKS nActualTimeout
smiUINT32 nActualRetry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 223 of file winsnmp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dAddressString

smiOCTETS smiENTITYINFO::dAddressString

Definition at line 231 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dEngineID


Definition at line 235 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dFriendlyName

smiOCTETS smiENTITYINFO::dFriendlyName

Definition at line 229 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ hEntity


Definition at line 225 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ hSession


Definition at line 226 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nActualRetry

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nActualRetry

Definition at line 243 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nActualTimeout

smiTIMETICKS smiENTITYINFO::nActualTimeout

Definition at line 242 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nAddressFamily

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nAddressFamily

Definition at line 230 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nEngineBoots

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nEngineBoots

Definition at line 236 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nEngineSeconds

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nEngineSeconds

Definition at line 238 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nEngineTime

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nEngineTime

Definition at line 237 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nMaxMsgSize

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nMaxMsgSize

Definition at line 234 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nNotificationPort

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nNotificationPort

Definition at line 233 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nPolicyRetry

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nPolicyRetry

Definition at line 241 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nPolicyTimeout

smiTIMETICKS smiENTITYINFO::nPolicyTimeout

Definition at line 240 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nRequestPort

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nRequestPort

Definition at line 232 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nRetransmitMode

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nRetransmitMode

Definition at line 239 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nSnmpVersion

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nSnmpVersion

Definition at line 228 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nTranslateMode

smiUINT32 smiENTITYINFO::nTranslateMode

Definition at line 227 of file winsnmp.h.

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