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MxPagedLock Class Reference

#include <mxpagedlock.h>

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Public Member Functions

__inline MxPagedLock ()
__inline ~MxPagedLock ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MxPagedLockNoDynam
_Must_inspect_result_ __inline NTSTATUS Initialize ()
 __drv_maxIRQL (APC_LEVEL) __drv_setsIRQL(APC_LEVEL) __drv_savesIRQLGlobal(FastMutexObject
this m_Lock _Acquires_lock_ (this->m_Lock) __inline VOID Acquire()
__inline VOID AcquireUnsafe ()
_Must_inspect_result_ __drv_maxIRQL (APC_LEVEL) __drv_savesIRQLGlobal(FastMutexObject
_Must_inspect_result_ this m_Lock __drv_valueIs (==1;==0) __drv_when(return
_Must_inspect_result_ this m_Lock __drv_setsIRQL (APC_LEVEL)) _When_(return
_Must_inspect_result_ this m_Lock _Acquires_lock_ (this->m_Lock)) __inline BOOLEAN TryToAcquire()
 __drv_requiresIRQL (APC_LEVEL) __drv_restoresIRQLGlobal(FastMutexObject
this m_Lock _Releases_lock_ (this->m_Lock) __inline VOID Release()
__inline VOID ReleaseUnsafe ()
__inline VOID Uninitialize ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from MxPagedLockNoDynam
MdPagedLock m_Lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file mxpagedlock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MxPagedLock()

__inline MxPagedLock::MxPagedLock ( )

Definition at line 33 of file mxpagedlockkm.h.

35 {
38  //
39  // Temporarily call initialize from c'tor
40  // so that we don't have to churn all of the KMDF code
41  //
44 #endif
45 }
Definition: dbgmacros.h:60
_Must_inspect_result_ __inline NTSTATUS Initialize()
Definition: mxpagedlockkm.h:52
#define VOID
Definition: acefi.h:82

◆ ~MxPagedLock()

__inline MxPagedLock::~MxPagedLock ( )

Definition at line 135 of file mxpagedlockkm.h.

137 {
139 }
Definition: dbgmacros.h:60

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