ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8241-g63935f8
acpi_table_spmi Struct Reference

#include <actbl3.h>

Collaboration diagram for acpi_table_spmi:

Public Attributes

UINT8 InterfaceType
UINT8 Reserved
UINT16 SpecRevision
UINT8 InterruptType
UINT8 GpeNumber
UINT8 Reserved1
UINT8 PciDeviceFlag
UINT32 Interrupt
UINT8 PciSegment
UINT8 PciBus
UINT8 PciDevice
UINT8 PciFunction
UINT8 Reserved2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 189 of file actbl3.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ GpeNumber

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::GpeNumber

Definition at line 196 of file actbl3.h.

◆ Header

ACPI_TABLE_HEADER acpi_table_spmi::Header

Definition at line 191 of file actbl3.h.

◆ InterfaceType

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::InterfaceType

Definition at line 192 of file actbl3.h.

◆ Interrupt

UINT32 acpi_table_spmi::Interrupt

Definition at line 199 of file actbl3.h.

◆ InterruptType

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::InterruptType

Definition at line 195 of file actbl3.h.

◆ IpmiRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_spmi::IpmiRegister

Definition at line 200 of file actbl3.h.

◆ PciBus

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::PciBus

Definition at line 202 of file actbl3.h.

◆ PciDevice

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::PciDevice

Definition at line 203 of file actbl3.h.

◆ PciDeviceFlag

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::PciDeviceFlag

Definition at line 198 of file actbl3.h.

◆ PciFunction

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::PciFunction

Definition at line 204 of file actbl3.h.

◆ PciSegment

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::PciSegment

Definition at line 201 of file actbl3.h.

◆ Reserved

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::Reserved

Definition at line 193 of file actbl3.h.

◆ Reserved1

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::Reserved1

Definition at line 197 of file actbl3.h.

◆ Reserved2

UINT8 acpi_table_spmi::Reserved2

Definition at line 205 of file actbl3.h.

◆ SpecRevision

UINT16 acpi_table_spmi::SpecRevision

Definition at line 194 of file actbl3.h.

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