ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2535-gcf6c191
acpi_resource_pin_group_config Struct Reference

#include <acrestyp.h>

Collaboration diagram for acpi_resource_pin_group_config:

Public Attributes

UINT8 RevisionId
UINT8 ProducerConsumer
UINT8 Shareable
UINT8 PinConfigType
UINT32 PinConfigValue
UINT16 VendorLength

Detailed Description

Definition at line 698 of file acrestyp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ PinConfigType

UINT8 acpi_resource_pin_group_config::PinConfigType

Definition at line 703 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ PinConfigValue

UINT32 acpi_resource_pin_group_config::PinConfigValue

Definition at line 704 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ ProducerConsumer

UINT8 acpi_resource_pin_group_config::ProducerConsumer

Definition at line 701 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ ResourceSource

ACPI_RESOURCE_SOURCE acpi_resource_pin_group_config::ResourceSource

Definition at line 706 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ ResourceSourceLabel

ACPI_RESOURCE_LABEL acpi_resource_pin_group_config::ResourceSourceLabel

Definition at line 707 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ RevisionId

UINT8 acpi_resource_pin_group_config::RevisionId

Definition at line 700 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ Shareable

UINT8 acpi_resource_pin_group_config::Shareable

Definition at line 702 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ VendorData

UINT8* acpi_resource_pin_group_config::VendorData

Definition at line 708 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ VendorLength

UINT16 acpi_resource_pin_group_config::VendorLength

Definition at line 705 of file acrestyp.h.

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