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fenv.h File Reference

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struct  fenv_t


#define FE_INVALID   0x01
#define FE_DENORMAL   0x02
#define FE_DIVBYZERO   0x04
#define FE_OVERFLOW   0x08
#define FE_UNDERFLOW   0x10
#define FE_INEXACT   0x20
#define FE_TONEAREST   0x0000
#define FE_DOWNWARD   0x0400
#define FE_UPWARD   0x0800
#define FE_TOWARDZERO   0x0c00
#define FE_PC64_ENV   ((const fenv_t *)-1)
#define FE_PC53_ENV   ((const fenv_t *)-2)
#define FE_DFL_ENV   ((const fenv_t *) 0)


typedef unsigned short fexcept_t


int __cdecl feclearexcept (int)
int __cdecl fegetexceptflag (fexcept_t *flagp, int excepts)
int __cdecl feraiseexcept (int excepts)
int __cdecl fesetexceptflag (const fexcept_t *, int)
int __cdecl fetestexcept (int excepts)
int __cdecl fegetround (void)
int __cdecl fesetround (int mode)
int __cdecl fegetenv (fenv_t *envp)
int __cdecl fesetenv (const fenv_t *)
int __cdecl feupdateenv (const fenv_t *)
int __cdecl feholdexcept (fenv_t *)

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Definition at line 27 of file fenv.h.



Definition at line 31 of file fenv.h.


Definition: fenv.h:11
Definition: fenv.h:14
#define FE_INVALID
Definition: fenv.h:10
#define FE_INEXACT
Definition: fenv.h:15
Definition: fenv.h:12
Definition: fenv.h:13

Definition at line 16 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_DENORMAL   0x02

Definition at line 11 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_DFL_ENV   ((const fenv_t *) 0)

Definition at line 74 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_DIVBYZERO   0x04

Definition at line 12 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_DOWNWARD   0x0400

Definition at line 21 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_INEXACT   0x20

Definition at line 15 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_INVALID   0x01

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Definition at line 10 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_OVERFLOW   0x08

Definition at line 13 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_PC53_ENV   ((const fenv_t *)-2)

Definition at line 70 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_PC64_ENV   ((const fenv_t *)-1)

Definition at line 67 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_TONEAREST   0x0000

Definition at line 20 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_TOWARDZERO   0x0c00

Definition at line 23 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_UNDERFLOW   0x10

Definition at line 14 of file fenv.h.


#define FE_UPWARD   0x0800

Definition at line 22 of file fenv.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ fexcept_t

Definition at line 39 of file fenv.h.

Function Documentation

◆ feclearexcept()

int __cdecl feclearexcept ( int  )

◆ fegetenv()

int __cdecl fegetenv ( fenv_t envp)

◆ fegetexceptflag()

int __cdecl fegetexceptflag ( fexcept_t flagp,
int  excepts 

◆ fegetround()

int __cdecl fegetround ( void  )

◆ feholdexcept()

int __cdecl feholdexcept ( fenv_t )

◆ feraiseexcept()

int __cdecl feraiseexcept ( int  excepts)

◆ fesetenv()

int __cdecl fesetenv ( const fenv_t )

◆ fesetexceptflag()

int __cdecl fesetexceptflag ( const fexcept_t ,

◆ fesetround()

int __cdecl fesetround ( int  mode)

◆ fetestexcept()

int __cdecl fetestexcept ( int  excepts)

◆ feupdateenv()

int __cdecl feupdateenv ( const fenv_t )