ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8222-g9164419
IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO:

Public Attributes

ULONG cbSize
LPWSTR szExtraInfo
STGMEDIUM stgmedData
DWORD grfBindInfoF
DWORD dwBindVerb
LPWSTR szCustomVerb
DWORD cbstgmedData
DWORD dwOptions
DWORD dwOptionsFlags
DWORD dwCodePage
SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES securityAttributes
IID iid
DWORD dwReserved

Detailed Description

Definition at line 146 of file urlmon.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cbSize

ULONG IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::cbSize

Definition at line 148 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ cbstgmedData

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::cbstgmedData

Definition at line 154 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwBindVerb

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::dwBindVerb

Definition at line 152 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwCodePage

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::dwCodePage

Definition at line 157 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwOptions

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::dwOptions

Definition at line 155 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwOptionsFlags

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::dwOptionsFlags

Definition at line 156 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ dwReserved

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::dwReserved

Definition at line 161 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ grfBindInfoF

DWORD IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::grfBindInfoF

Definition at line 151 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ iid

IID IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::iid

Definition at line 159 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ pUnk

IUnknown* IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::pUnk

Definition at line 160 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ securityAttributes

SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::securityAttributes

Definition at line 158 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ stgmedData

STGMEDIUM IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::stgmedData

Definition at line 150 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ szCustomVerb

LPWSTR IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::szCustomVerb

Definition at line 153 of file urlmon.idl.

◆ szExtraInfo

LPWSTR IBindStatusCallback::_tagBINDINFO::szExtraInfo

Definition at line 149 of file urlmon.idl.

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