ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7897-g78dc504
tagOFNW Struct Reference

#include <commdlg.h>

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Public Attributes

DWORD lStructSize
HWND hwndOwner
LPCWSTR lpstrFilter
LPWSTR lpstrCustomFilter
DWORD nMaxCustFilter
DWORD nFilterIndex
LPWSTR lpstrFile
DWORD nMaxFile
LPWSTR lpstrFileTitle
DWORD nMaxFileTitle
LPCWSTR lpstrInitialDir
LPCWSTR lpstrTitle
WORD nFileOffset
WORD nFileExtension
LPCWSTR lpstrDefExt
LPARAM lCustData
LPCWSTR lpTemplateName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 359 of file commdlg.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Flags

◆ hInstance

◆ hwndOwner

◆ lCustData

LPARAM tagOFNW::lCustData

Definition at line 377 of file commdlg.h.

Referenced by DIALOG_Browse().

◆ lpfnHook

◆ lpstrCustomFilter

LPWSTR tagOFNW::lpstrCustomFilter

◆ lpstrDefExt

◆ lpstrFile

◆ lpstrFileTitle

LPWSTR tagOFNW::lpstrFileTitle

◆ lpstrFilter

◆ lpstrInitialDir

LPCWSTR tagOFNW::lpstrInitialDir

◆ lpstrTitle

LPCWSTR tagOFNW::lpstrTitle

◆ lpTemplateName

LPCWSTR tagOFNW::lpTemplateName

Definition at line 379 of file commdlg.h.

Referenced by DIALOG_Browse(), FD31_FreeOfnW(), FD31_GetTemplate(), and FD31_MapOfnStructA().

◆ lStructSize

◆ nFileExtension

◆ nFileOffset

◆ nFilterIndex

◆ nMaxCustFilter

DWORD tagOFNW::nMaxCustFilter

Definition at line 365 of file commdlg.h.

Referenced by DIALOG_Browse(), and FD31_MapOfnStructA().

◆ nMaxFile

◆ nMaxFileTitle

DWORD tagOFNW::nMaxFileTitle

Definition at line 370 of file commdlg.h.

Referenced by DIALOG_Browse(), FD31_MapOfnStructA(), and FileInitialize().

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