ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3165-gdf6fff7
smiCONTEXTINFO Struct Reference

#include <winsnmp.h>

Collaboration diagram for smiCONTEXTINFO:

Public Attributes

smiUINT32 nTranslateMode
smiUINT32 nSnmpVersion
smiOCTETS dFriendlyName
smiOCTETS dContextEngineID
smiOCTETS dContextName
smiOCTETS dSecurityName
smiUINT32 nSecurityModel
smiUINT32 nSecurityLevel
smiUINT32 nSecurityAuthProtocol
smiOCTETS dSecurityAuthKey
smiUINT32 nSecurityPrivProtocol
smiOCTETS dSecurityPrivKey

Detailed Description

Definition at line 245 of file winsnmp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dContextEngineID

smiOCTETS smiCONTEXTINFO::dContextEngineID

Definition at line 252 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dContextName

smiOCTETS smiCONTEXTINFO::dContextName

Definition at line 253 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dFriendlyName

smiOCTETS smiCONTEXTINFO::dFriendlyName

Definition at line 251 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dSecurityAuthKey

smiOCTETS smiCONTEXTINFO::dSecurityAuthKey

Definition at line 258 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dSecurityName

smiOCTETS smiCONTEXTINFO::dSecurityName

Definition at line 254 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ dSecurityPrivKey

smiOCTETS smiCONTEXTINFO::dSecurityPrivKey

Definition at line 260 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ hContext


Definition at line 247 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ hSession


Definition at line 248 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nSecurityAuthProtocol

smiUINT32 smiCONTEXTINFO::nSecurityAuthProtocol

Definition at line 257 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nSecurityLevel

smiUINT32 smiCONTEXTINFO::nSecurityLevel

Definition at line 256 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nSecurityModel

smiUINT32 smiCONTEXTINFO::nSecurityModel

Definition at line 255 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nSecurityPrivProtocol

smiUINT32 smiCONTEXTINFO::nSecurityPrivProtocol

Definition at line 259 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nSnmpVersion

smiUINT32 smiCONTEXTINFO::nSnmpVersion

Definition at line 250 of file winsnmp.h.

◆ nTranslateMode

smiUINT32 smiCONTEXTINFO::nTranslateMode

Definition at line 249 of file winsnmp.h.

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