ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7659-ga55345b
acpi_resource_gpio Struct Reference

#include <acrestyp.h>

Collaboration diagram for acpi_resource_gpio:

Public Attributes

UINT8 RevisionId
UINT8 ConnectionType
UINT8 ProducerConsumer
UINT8 PinConfig
UINT8 Shareable
UINT8 WakeCapable
UINT8 IoRestriction
UINT8 Triggering
UINT8 Polarity
UINT16 DriveStrength
UINT16 DebounceTimeout
UINT16 PinTableLength
UINT16 VendorLength

Detailed Description

Definition at line 447 of file acrestyp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ConnectionType

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::ConnectionType

Definition at line 450 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ DebounceTimeout

UINT16 acpi_resource_gpio::DebounceTimeout

Definition at line 459 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ DriveStrength

UINT16 acpi_resource_gpio::DriveStrength

Definition at line 458 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ IoRestriction

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::IoRestriction

Definition at line 455 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ PinConfig

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::PinConfig

Definition at line 452 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ PinTable

UINT16* acpi_resource_gpio::PinTable

Definition at line 463 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ PinTableLength

UINT16 acpi_resource_gpio::PinTableLength

Definition at line 460 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ Polarity

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::Polarity

Definition at line 457 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ ProducerConsumer

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::ProducerConsumer

Definition at line 451 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ ResourceSource

ACPI_RESOURCE_SOURCE acpi_resource_gpio::ResourceSource

Definition at line 462 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ RevisionId

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::RevisionId

Definition at line 449 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ Shareable

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::Shareable

Definition at line 453 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ Triggering

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::Triggering

Definition at line 456 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ VendorData

UINT8* acpi_resource_gpio::VendorData

Definition at line 464 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ VendorLength

UINT16 acpi_resource_gpio::VendorLength

Definition at line 461 of file acrestyp.h.

◆ WakeCapable

UINT8 acpi_resource_gpio::WakeCapable

Definition at line 454 of file acrestyp.h.

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