ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-6662-g1b3eed5
sound.c File Reference
#include <ntddk.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <devices.h>
#include "sb16.h"
#include "dsp.h"
#include "mixer.h"
#include "wave.h"
#include <debug.h>
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#define NDEBUG


sb_status sb16_getenvironment (void)


SB16 sb16

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#define NDEBUG

Definition at line 23 of file sound.c.

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◆ sb16_getenvironment()

sb_status sb16_getenvironment ( void  )

Definition at line 106 of file sound.c.

108 if(detect_dsp(&sb16)!=SB_TRUE)
109 {
110 DPRINT1("Detect DSP failed!!!\n");
111 return SB_FALSE;
112 }
113 DPRINT1("DSP base address 0x%x\n",sb16.base);
114 get_irq(&sb16);
115 DPRINT1("IRQ: %d\n",sb16.irq);
116 get_dma(&sb16);
117 DPRINT1("DMA8: 0x%x DMA16: 0x%x\n",sb16.dma8,sb16.dma16);
118 return SB_TRUE;
#define DPRINT1
Definition: precomp.h:8
void get_dma(SB16 *sb16)
Definition: mixer.c:38
unsigned char get_irq(SB16 *sb16)
Definition: mixer.c:26
SB16 sb16
Definition: sound.c:26
sb_status detect_dsp(SB16 *sb16)
Definition: dsp.c:38
#define SB_FALSE
Definition: dsp.h:2
#define SB_TRUE
Definition: dsp.h:1
unsigned char dma16
Definition: sb16.h:6
unsigned char irq
Definition: sb16.h:4
unsigned short base
Definition: sb16.h:3
unsigned char dma8
Definition: sb16.h:5

Variable Documentation

◆ sb16

SB16 sb16

Definition at line 26 of file sound.c.

Referenced by detect_dsp(), get_dma(), get_irq(), and sb16_getenvironment().