ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8235-gcd88a97
mmtime_tag Struct Reference

#include <mmsystem.h>

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Public Attributes

UINT wType
union {
   DWORD   ms
   DWORD   sample
   DWORD   cb
   DWORD   ticks
   struct {
      BYTE   hour
      BYTE   min
      BYTE   sec
      BYTE   frame
      BYTE   fps
      BYTE   dummy
      BYTE   pad [2]
   }   smpte
   struct {
      DWORD   songptrpos
   }   midi

Detailed Description

Definition at line 964 of file mmsystem.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cb

DWORD mmtime_tag::cb

◆ dummy

BYTE mmtime_tag::dummy

Definition at line 977 of file mmsystem.h.

◆ fps

BYTE mmtime_tag::fps

Definition at line 976 of file mmsystem.h.

◆ frame

BYTE mmtime_tag::frame

Definition at line 975 of file mmsystem.h.

◆ hour

BYTE mmtime_tag::hour

Definition at line 972 of file mmsystem.h.


struct { ... } mmtime_tag::midi

Referenced by get_position(), and test_position().

◆ min

BYTE mmtime_tag::min

Definition at line 973 of file mmsystem.h.

◆ ms

◆ pad

BYTE mmtime_tag::pad[2]

Definition at line 978 of file mmsystem.h.

◆ sample

DWORD mmtime_tag::sample

Definition at line 968 of file mmsystem.h.

Referenced by time_to_bytes(), widGetPosition(), and wodGetPosition().

◆ sec

BYTE mmtime_tag::sec

Definition at line 974 of file mmsystem.h.


struct { ... } mmtime_tag::smpte

Referenced by test_position(), and time_to_bytes().

◆ songptrpos

DWORD mmtime_tag::songptrpos

Definition at line 981 of file mmsystem.h.

◆ ticks

DWORD mmtime_tag::ticks

Definition at line 970 of file mmsystem.h.

Referenced by get_position(), midiStreamPosition(), and test_position().


◆ wType

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