ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5606-gf34e425
uga.c File Reference
#include "bl.h"
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NTSTATUS ConsoleEfiUgaOpen (_In_ PBL_GRAPHICS_CONSOLE GraphicsConsole)
VOID ConsoleEfiUgaClose (_In_ PBL_GRAPHICS_CONSOLE GraphicsConsole)
NTSTATUS ConsoleEfiUgaSetResolution (_In_ PBL_GRAPHICS_CONSOLE GraphicsConsole, _In_ PBL_DISPLAY_MODE DisplayMode, _In_ ULONG DisplayModeCount)

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◆ ConsoleEfiUgaClose()

VOID ConsoleEfiUgaClose ( _In_ PBL_GRAPHICS_CONSOLE  GraphicsConsole)

Definition at line 27 of file uga.c.

30 {
31  return;
32 }

Referenced by ConsoleFirmwareGraphicalClose().

◆ ConsoleEfiUgaOpen()

NTSTATUS ConsoleEfiUgaOpen ( _In_ PBL_GRAPHICS_CONSOLE  GraphicsConsole)

Definition at line 18 of file uga.c.

21 {
22  EfiPrintf(L"UGA not implemented\r\n");
24 }
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50
VOID EfiPrintf(_In_ PWCHAR Format,...)
Definition: firmware.c:126

Referenced by ConsoleEfiGraphicalOpenProtocol().

◆ ConsoleEfiUgaSetResolution()

NTSTATUS ConsoleEfiUgaSetResolution ( _In_ PBL_GRAPHICS_CONSOLE  GraphicsConsole,
_In_ PBL_DISPLAY_MODE  DisplayMode,
_In_ ULONG  DisplayModeCount 

Definition at line 35 of file uga.c.

40 {
42 }

Referenced by ConsoleFirmwareGraphicalEnable().