ReactOS  0.4.13-dev-99-g7e18b6d
DEV_ITEM Struct Reference

#include <btrfs.h>

Collaboration diagram for DEV_ITEM:

Public Attributes

UINT64 dev_id
UINT64 num_bytes
UINT64 bytes_used
UINT32 optimal_io_align
UINT32 optimal_io_width
UINT32 minimal_io_size
UINT64 type
UINT64 generation
UINT64 start_offset
UINT32 dev_group
UINT8 seek_speed
UINT8 bandwidth
BTRFS_UUID device_uuid
BTRFS_UUID fs_uuid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 156 of file btrfs.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bandwidth

UINT8 DEV_ITEM::bandwidth

Definition at line 168 of file btrfs.h.

◆ bytes_used

UINT64 DEV_ITEM::bytes_used

Definition at line 159 of file btrfs.h.

Referenced by alloc_chunk().

◆ dev_group

UINT32 DEV_ITEM::dev_group

Definition at line 166 of file btrfs.h.

◆ dev_id

◆ device_uuid

◆ fs_uuid


Definition at line 170 of file btrfs.h.

◆ generation

UINT64 DEV_ITEM::generation

Definition at line 164 of file btrfs.h.

◆ minimal_io_size

UINT32 DEV_ITEM::minimal_io_size

Definition at line 162 of file btrfs.h.

Referenced by alloc_chunk().

◆ num_bytes

UINT64 DEV_ITEM::num_bytes

Definition at line 158 of file btrfs.h.

Referenced by get_devices(), and write_superblock().

◆ optimal_io_align

UINT32 DEV_ITEM::optimal_io_align

Definition at line 160 of file btrfs.h.

◆ optimal_io_width

UINT32 DEV_ITEM::optimal_io_width

Definition at line 161 of file btrfs.h.

◆ seek_speed

UINT8 DEV_ITEM::seek_speed

Definition at line 167 of file btrfs.h.

◆ start_offset

UINT64 DEV_ITEM::start_offset

Definition at line 165 of file btrfs.h.

◆ type


Definition at line 163 of file btrfs.h.

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