ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7918-g2a2556c
fltmgr_reg_user.c File Reference
#include <kmt_test.h>
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START_TEST ( FltMgrReg  )

Definition at line 11 of file fltmgr_reg_user.c.

13 static WCHAR FilterName[] = L"FltMgrReg";
14 SC_HANDLE hService;
15 HANDLE hPort;
17 ok(KmtFltCreateService(FilterName, L"FltMgrLoad test driver", &hService) == ERROR_SUCCESS, "Failed to create the reg entry\n");
18 ok(KmtFltAddAltitude(L"123456") == ERROR_SUCCESS, "\n");
19 ok(KmtFltLoadDriver(TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, &hPort) == ERROR_SUCCESS, "Failed to load the driver\n");
20 //__debugbreak();
21 ok(KmtFltUnloadDriver(hPort, FALSE) == ERROR_SUCCESS, "Failed to unload the driver\n");
22 ok(KmtFltDeleteService(NULL, &hService) == ERROR_SUCCESS, "Failed to delete the driver\n");
#define ok(value,...)
Definition: atltest.h:57
Definition: deptool.c:10
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
#define TRUE
Definition: types.h:120
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117
DWORD KmtFltCreateService(_In_z_ PCWSTR ServiceName, _In_z_ PCWSTR DisplayName, _Out_ SC_HANDLE *ServiceHandle)
Definition: fltsupport.c:63
DWORD KmtFltAddAltitude(_In_z_ LPWSTR Altitude)
Definition: fltsupport.c:448
DWORD KmtFltUnloadDriver(_In_ HANDLE *hPort, _In_ BOOLEAN DisonnectComms)
Definition: fltsupport.c:169
DWORD KmtFltLoadDriver(_In_ BOOLEAN EnableDriverLoadPrivlege, _In_ BOOLEAN RestartIfRunning, _In_ BOOLEAN ConnectComms, _Out_ HANDLE *hPort)
Definition: fltsupport.c:112
DWORD KmtFltDeleteService(_In_opt_z_ PCWSTR ServiceName, _Inout_ SC_HANDLE *ServiceHandle)
Definition: fltsupport.c:97
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50
__wchar_t WCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:180