ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2956-g61e7ea5
wbemprox.idl File Reference

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class  WbemLocator


coclass WbemLocator helpstring ("WBEM Administrative Locator")
coclass WbemLocator threading (both)
coclass WbemLocator uuid (cb8555cc-9128-11d1-ad9b-00c04fd8fdff)] coclass WbemAdministrativeLocator

Function Documentation

◆ helpstring()

coclass WbemLocator helpstring ( "WBEM Administrative Locator"  )

◆ threading()

coclass WbemLocator threading ( both  )

◆ uuid()

coclass WbemLocator uuid ( cb8555cc-9128-11d1-ad9b-  00c04fd8fdff)

Definition at line 33 of file wbemprox.idl.

35  { interface IWbemLocator; }