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CUiCollection Class Reference

#include <rosui.h>

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Private Member Functions

virtual BOOL OnRemoveItem (CUiPrimitive *ptr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from CPointerArray< CUiPrimitive >
 CPointerArray ()
 ~CPointerArray ()
virtual BOOL OnRemoveItem (CUiPrimitive *ptr)
virtual INT OnCompareItems (CUiPrimitive *p1, CUiPrimitive *p2)
INT GetCount () const
CUiPrimitiveGet (INT i) const
BOOL Set (INT i, CUiPrimitive *ptr)
INT Insert (INT at, CUiPrimitive *ptr)
INT Append (CUiPrimitive *ptr)
INT IndexOf (CUiPrimitive *ptr) const
BOOL Remove (CUiPrimitive *ptr)
BOOL RemoveAt (INT i)
BOOL Clear ()
BOOL Sort ()
INT Search (CUiPrimitive *item, INT iStart, UINT uFlags)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CPointerArray< CUiPrimitive >
HDPA m_hDpa

Detailed Description

Definition at line 367 of file rosui.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnRemoveItem()

virtual BOOL CUiCollection::OnRemoveItem ( CUiPrimitive ptr)

Reimplemented from CPointerArray< CUiPrimitive >.

Definition at line 370 of file rosui.h.

371 {
372 delete ptr;
373 return TRUE;
374 }
#define TRUE
Definition: types.h:120
static PVOID ptr
Definition: dispmode.c:27

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