ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8236-g99f0937
vffuncs.h File Reference
#include <umtypes.h>
#include <vftypes.h>
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BOOLEAN NTAPI VfIsVerificationEnabled (_In_ VF_OBJECT_TYPE VfObjectType, _In_opt_ PVOID Object)
VOID VfFailDeviceNode (_In_ PDEVICE_OBJECT PhysicalDeviceObject, _In_ ULONG BugCheckMajorCode, _In_ ULONG BugCheckMinorCode, _In_ VF_FAILURE_CLASS FailureClass, _Inout_ PULONG AssertionControl, _In_ PSTR DebuggerMessageText, _In_ PSTR ParameterFormatString,...)

Function Documentation

◆ VfFailDeviceNode()

VOID VfFailDeviceNode ( _In_ PDEVICE_OBJECT  PhysicalDeviceObject,
_In_ ULONG  BugCheckMajorCode,
_In_ ULONG  BugCheckMinorCode,
_In_ VF_FAILURE_CLASS  FailureClass,
_Inout_ PULONG  AssertionControl,
_In_ PSTR  DebuggerMessageText,
_In_ PSTR  ParameterFormatString,

◆ VfIsVerificationEnabled()

BOOLEAN NTAPI VfIsVerificationEnabled ( _In_ VF_OBJECT_TYPE  VfObjectType,
_In_opt_ PVOID  Object