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JSGlobal::FunctionInstance Interface Reference


Public Member Functions

StringInstancetoString ()
StringInstancetoLocaleString ()
FunctionInstancevalueOf ()
VARIANT apply (VARIANT thisValue, VARIANT argArray)
VARIANT call (VARIANT thisValue)
VARIANT hasOwnProperty (VARIANT propertyName)
VARIANT propertyIsEnumerable (VARIANT propertyName)
VARIANT isPrototypeOf (VARIANT obj)


VARIANT length [get, set]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 347 of file jsglobal.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

VARIANT JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::apply ( VARIANT  thisValue,
VARIANT  argArray 

◆ call()

VARIANT JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::call ( VARIANT  thisValue)

◆ hasOwnProperty()

VARIANT JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::hasOwnProperty ( VARIANT  propertyName)

◆ isPrototypeOf()

VARIANT JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::isPrototypeOf ( VARIANT  obj)

◆ propertyIsEnumerable()

VARIANT JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::propertyIsEnumerable ( VARIANT  propertyName)

◆ toLocaleString()

StringInstance* JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::toLocaleString ( )

◆ toString()

StringInstance* JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::toString ( )

◆ valueOf()

FunctionInstance* JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::valueOf ( )

Property Documentation

◆ length

VARIANT JSGlobal::FunctionInstance::length

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