ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8241-g63935f8
AVIStreamHeader Struct Reference

#include <vfw.h>

Collaboration diagram for AVIStreamHeader:

Public Attributes

FOURCC fccType
FOURCC fccHandler
DWORD dwFlags
WORD wPriority
WORD wLanguage
DWORD dwInitialFrames
DWORD dwScale
DWORD dwRate
DWORD dwStart
DWORD dwLength
DWORD dwSuggestedBufferSize
DWORD dwQuality
DWORD dwSampleSize
struct {
   SHORT   left
   SHORT   top
   SHORT   right
   SHORT   bottom

Detailed Description

Definition at line 958 of file vfw.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bottom

SHORT AVIStreamHeader::bottom

Definition at line 972 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwFlags

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwFlags

◆ dwInitialFrames

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwInitialFrames

◆ dwLength

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwLength

◆ dwQuality

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwQuality

◆ dwRate

◆ dwSampleSize

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwSampleSize

◆ dwScale

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwScale

◆ dwStart

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwStart

◆ dwSuggestedBufferSize

DWORD AVIStreamHeader::dwSuggestedBufferSize

◆ fccHandler

◆ fccType

FOURCC AVIStreamHeader::fccType

◆ left

SHORT AVIStreamHeader::left

Definition at line 972 of file vfw.h.


struct { ... } AVIStreamHeader::rcFrame

◆ right

SHORT AVIStreamHeader::right

Definition at line 972 of file vfw.h.

◆ top

SHORT AVIStreamHeader::top

Definition at line 972 of file vfw.h.

◆ wLanguage

WORD AVIStreamHeader::wLanguage

◆ wPriority

WORD AVIStreamHeader::wPriority

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