ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7674-gc0b4db1
tiff_8bpp_alpha Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

USHORT byte_order
USHORT version
ULONG dir_offset
USHORT number_of_entries
struct IFD_entry entry [15]
struct IFD_rational res
BYTE pixel_data [8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file tiffformat.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ byte_order

USHORT tiff_8bpp_alpha::byte_order

Definition at line 108 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ dir_offset

ULONG tiff_8bpp_alpha::dir_offset

Definition at line 110 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ entry

struct IFD_entry tiff_8bpp_alpha::entry[15]

Definition at line 112 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ next_IFD

ULONG tiff_8bpp_alpha::next_IFD

Definition at line 113 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ number_of_entries

USHORT tiff_8bpp_alpha::number_of_entries

Definition at line 111 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ pixel_data

BYTE tiff_8bpp_alpha::pixel_data[8]

Definition at line 115 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ res

struct IFD_rational tiff_8bpp_alpha::res

Definition at line 114 of file tiffformat.c.

◆ version

USHORT tiff_8bpp_alpha::version

Definition at line 109 of file tiffformat.c.

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