ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7931-gfd331f1
IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA Struct Reference

Public Attributes

LONG tmHeight
LONG tmAscent
LONG tmDescent
LONG tmInternalLeading
LONG tmExternalLeading
LONG tmAveCharWidth
LONG tmMaxCharWidth
LONG tmWeight
LONG tmOverhang
LONG tmDigitizedAspectX
LONG tmDigitizedAspectY
BYTE tmFirstChar
BYTE tmLastChar
BYTE tmDefaultChar
BYTE tmBreakChar
BYTE tmItalic
BYTE tmUnderlined
BYTE tmStruckOut
BYTE tmPitchAndFamily
BYTE tmCharSet

Detailed Description

Definition at line 245 of file wtypes.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ tmAscent

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmAscent

Definition at line 248 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmAveCharWidth

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmAveCharWidth

Definition at line 252 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmBreakChar

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmBreakChar

Definition at line 261 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmCharSet

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmCharSet

Definition at line 266 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmDefaultChar

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmDefaultChar

Definition at line 260 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmDescent

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmDescent

Definition at line 249 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmDigitizedAspectX

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmDigitizedAspectX

Definition at line 256 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmDigitizedAspectY

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmDigitizedAspectY

Definition at line 257 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmExternalLeading

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmExternalLeading

Definition at line 251 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmFirstChar

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmFirstChar

Definition at line 258 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmHeight

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmHeight

Definition at line 247 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmInternalLeading

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmInternalLeading

Definition at line 250 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmItalic

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmItalic

Definition at line 262 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmLastChar

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmLastChar

Definition at line 259 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmMaxCharWidth

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmMaxCharWidth

Definition at line 253 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmOverhang

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmOverhang

Definition at line 255 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmPitchAndFamily

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmPitchAndFamily

Definition at line 265 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmStruckOut

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmStruckOut

Definition at line 264 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmUnderlined

BYTE IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmUnderlined

Definition at line 263 of file wtypes.idl.

◆ tmWeight

LONG IWinTypes::tagTEXTMETRICA::tmWeight

Definition at line 254 of file wtypes.idl.

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