ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8419-g7f0e8a3
mxwriter Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

DispatchEx dispex
IMXWriter IMXWriter_iface
ISAXContentHandler ISAXContentHandler_iface
ISAXLexicalHandler ISAXLexicalHandler_iface
ISAXDeclHandler ISAXDeclHandler_iface
ISAXDTDHandler ISAXDTDHandler_iface
ISAXErrorHandler ISAXErrorHandler_iface
IVBSAXDeclHandler IVBSAXDeclHandler_iface
IVBSAXLexicalHandler IVBSAXLexicalHandler_iface
IVBSAXContentHandler IVBSAXContentHandler_iface
IVBSAXErrorHandler IVBSAXErrorHandler_iface
LONG ref
MSXML_VERSION class_version
VARIANT_BOOL props [MXWriter_LastProp]
BOOL prop_changed
BOOL cdata
BOOL text
BOOL newline
UINT indent
BSTR version
BSTR encoding
xml_encoding xml_enc
BSTR element
output_buffer buffer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file mxwriter.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ buffer

output_buffer mxwriter::buffer

Definition at line 171 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by close_output_buffer(), write_data_to_stream(), and write_output_buffer().

◆ cdata

BOOL mxwriter::cdata

Definition at line 154 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ class_version

MSXML_VERSION mxwriter::class_version

Definition at line 150 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ dest

IStream* mxwriter::dest

Definition at line 169 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by write_data_to_stream(), write_output_buffer(), and write_prolog_buffer().

◆ dispex

DispatchEx mxwriter::dispex

Definition at line 136 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ element

BSTR mxwriter::element

Definition at line 167 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by close_element_starttag().

◆ encoding

BSTR mxwriter::encoding

Definition at line 162 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by write_prolog_buffer().

◆ IMXWriter_iface

IMXWriter mxwriter::IMXWriter_iface

Definition at line 137 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ indent

UINT mxwriter::indent

Definition at line 158 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by write_node_indent().

◆ ISAXContentHandler_iface

ISAXContentHandler mxwriter::ISAXContentHandler_iface

Definition at line 138 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ ISAXDeclHandler_iface

ISAXDeclHandler mxwriter::ISAXDeclHandler_iface

Definition at line 140 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ ISAXDTDHandler_iface

ISAXDTDHandler mxwriter::ISAXDTDHandler_iface

Definition at line 141 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ ISAXErrorHandler_iface

ISAXErrorHandler mxwriter::ISAXErrorHandler_iface

Definition at line 142 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ ISAXLexicalHandler_iface

ISAXLexicalHandler mxwriter::ISAXLexicalHandler_iface

Definition at line 139 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ IVBSAXContentHandler_iface

IVBSAXContentHandler mxwriter::IVBSAXContentHandler_iface

Definition at line 145 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ IVBSAXDeclHandler_iface

IVBSAXDeclHandler mxwriter::IVBSAXDeclHandler_iface

Definition at line 143 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ IVBSAXDTDHandler_iface

IVBSAXDTDHandler mxwriter::IVBSAXDTDHandler_iface

Definition at line 146 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ IVBSAXErrorHandler_iface

IVBSAXErrorHandler mxwriter::IVBSAXErrorHandler_iface

Definition at line 147 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ IVBSAXLexicalHandler_iface

IVBSAXLexicalHandler mxwriter::IVBSAXLexicalHandler_iface

Definition at line 144 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ newline

BOOL mxwriter::newline

Definition at line 157 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by write_node_indent(), and write_prolog_buffer().

◆ prop_changed

BOOL mxwriter::prop_changed

Definition at line 153 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by writer_set_property().

◆ props

◆ ref

LONG mxwriter::ref

Definition at line 149 of file mxwriter.c.

◆ text

BOOL mxwriter::text

Definition at line 156 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by write_node_indent().

◆ version

BSTR mxwriter::version

Definition at line 160 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by write_prolog_buffer().

◆ xml_enc

xml_encoding mxwriter::xml_enc

Definition at line 163 of file mxwriter.c.

Referenced by close_output_buffer(), and write_data_to_stream().

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