ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8348-gc1b9bb5
_Stl_prime< _Dummy > Class Template Reference

#include <_hashtable.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t _STLP_CALL _S_max_nb_buckets ()
static size_t _STLP_CALL _S_next_size (size_t)
static void _STLP_CALL _S_prev_sizes (size_t __hint, const size_t *&__begin, const size_t *&__end)

Static Private Member Functions

static const size_t_S_primes (size_t &)

Detailed Description

template<class _Dummy>
class _Stl_prime< _Dummy >

Definition at line 190 of file _hashtable.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _S_max_nb_buckets()

template<class _Dummy >
static size_t _STLP_CALL _Stl_prime< _Dummy >::_S_max_nb_buckets ( )

◆ _S_next_size()

◆ _S_prev_sizes()

template<class _Dummy >
static void _STLP_CALL _Stl_prime< _Dummy >::_S_prev_sizes ( size_t  __hint,
const size_t *&  __begin,
const size_t *&  __end 

◆ _S_primes()

template<class _Dummy >
static const size_t * _Stl_prime< _Dummy >::_S_primes ( size_t )

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