ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-6068-g8061a6f
IStorage Member List

This is the complete list of members for IStorage, including all inherited members.

Commit([in] DWORD grfCommitFlags)IStorage
CopyTo([in] DWORD ciidExclude, [in, unique, size_is(ciidExclude)] const IID *rgiidExclude, [in, unique] SNB snbExclude, [in, unique] IStorage *pstgDest)IStorage
CreateStorage([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in] DWORD grfMode, [in] DWORD dwStgFmt, [in] DWORD reserved2, [out] IStorage **ppstg)IStorage
CreateStream([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in] DWORD grfMode, [in] DWORD reserved1, [in] DWORD reserved2, [out] IStream **ppstm)IStorage
DestroyElement([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsName)IStorage
EnumElements([in] DWORD reserved1, [in, unique, size_is(1)] void *reserved2, [in] DWORD reserved3, [out] IEnumSTATSTG **ppenum)IStorage
LPSTORAGE typedefIStorage
LPUNKNOWN typedefIUnknown
MoveElementTo([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in, unique] IStorage *pstgDest, [in] LPCOLESTR pwcsNewName, [in] DWORD grfFlags)IStorage
OpenStorage([in, unique] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in, unique] IStorage *pstgPriority, [in] DWORD grfMode, [in, unique] SNB snbExclude, [in] DWORD reserved, [out] IStorage **ppstg)IStorage
OpenStream([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in, unique] void *reserved1, [in] DWORD grfMode, [in] DWORD reserved2, [out] IStream **ppstm)IStorage
QueryInterface([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)IUnknown
RemoteEnumElements([in] DWORD reserved1, [in] unsigned long cbReserved2, [in, unique, size_is(cbReserved2)] byte *reserved2, [in] DWORD reserved3, [out] IEnumSTATSTG **ppenum)IStorage
RemoteOpenStream([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in] unsigned long cbReserved1, [in, unique, size_is(cbReserved1)] byte *reserved1, [in] DWORD grfMode, [in] DWORD reserved2, [out] IStream **ppstm)IStorage
RemSNB typedefIStorage
RenameElement([in] LPCOLESTR pwcsOldName, [in] LPCOLESTR pwcsNewName)IStorage
SetClass([in] REFCLSID clsid)IStorage
SetElementTimes([in, unique] LPCOLESTR pwcsName, [in, unique] const FILETIME *pctime, [in, unique] const FILETIME *patime, [in, unique] const FILETIME *pmtime)IStorage
SetStateBits([in] DWORD grfStateBits, [in] DWORD grfMask)IStorage
SNB typedefIStorage
Stat([out] STATSTG *pstatstg, [in] DWORD grfStatFlag)IStorage
wireSNB typedefIStorage