ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1397-g19779b3
__iostring_allocator< _CharT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for __iostring_allocator< _CharT >, including all inherited members.

_Base typedef__iostring_allocator< _CharT >private
_BUF_SIZE enum value__iostring_allocator< _CharT >private
_M_allocate(size_type __n, size_type &__allocated_n)allocator< _CharT >inline
_M_static_buf__iostring_allocator< _CharT >private
_STR_SIZE enum value__iostring_allocator< _CharT >
_Type typedef__stlport_class< _Tp >
address(reference __x) constallocator< _CharT >inline
address(const_reference __x) constallocator< _CharT >inline
allocate(size_type __n, const void *__ptr=0)__iostring_allocator< _CharT >inline
allocator() _STLP_NOTHROWallocator< _CharT >inline
allocator(const allocator< _CharT > &) _STLP_NOTHROWallocator< _CharT >inline
allocator(__move_source< allocator< _CharT > > src) _STLP_NOTHROWallocator< _CharT >inline
const_pointer typedefallocator< _CharT >
const_reference typedefallocator< _CharT >
construct(pointer __p, const_reference __val)allocator< _CharT >inline
deallocate(pointer __p, size_type __n)__iostring_allocator< _CharT >inline
allocator< _CharT >::deallocate(pointer __p) constallocator< _CharT >inline
destroy(pointer __p)allocator< _CharT >inline
difference_type typedefallocator< _CharT >
max_size() const _STLP_NOTHROWallocator< _CharT >inline
pointer typedef__iostring_allocator< _CharT >
reference typedefallocator< _CharT >
size_type typedef__iostring_allocator< _CharT >
value_type typedefallocator< _CharT >
~allocator() _STLP_NOTHROWallocator< _CharT >inline