ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
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2 * ReactOS log2lines
3 * Written by Jan Roeloffzen
4 *
5 * - Option parsing
6 */
8#pragma once
10extern char *optchars;
11extern int opt_buffered; // -b
12extern int opt_help; // -h
13extern int opt_force; // -f
14extern int opt_exit; // -e
15extern int opt_verbose; // -v
16extern int opt_console; // -c
17extern int opt_mark; // -m
18extern int opt_Mark; // -M
19extern char *opt_Pipe; // -P
20extern int opt_quit; // -q (cli only)
21extern int opt_cli; // (cli internal)
22extern int opt_raw; // -r
23extern int opt_stats; // -s
24extern int opt_Source; // -S <opt_Source>[+<opt_SrcPlus>][,<sources_path>]
25extern int opt_SrcPlus; // -S <opt_Source>[+<opt_SrcPlus>][,<sources_path>]
26extern int opt_twice; // -t
27extern int opt_Twice ; // -T
28extern int opt_undo ; // -u
29extern int opt_redo ; // -U
30extern char opt_dir[]; // -d <opt_dir>
31extern char opt_logFile[]; // -l <opt_logFile>
32extern char *opt_mod; // mod for opt_logFile
33extern char opt_7z[]; // -z <opt_7z>
34extern char opt_scanned[]; // all scanned options
36extern char opt_SourcesPath[]; //sources path
38int optionInit(int argc, const char **argv);
39int optionParse(int argc, const char **argv);
41/* EOF */
static int argc
Definition: ServiceArgs.c:12
#define argv
Definition: mplay32.c:18
int opt_undo
Definition: options.c:38
char opt_scanned[]
Definition: options.c:44
int opt_cli
Definition: options.c:31
char * opt_Pipe
Definition: options.c:29
int opt_help
Definition: options.c:22
char * opt_mod
Definition: options.c:42
int opt_redo
Definition: options.c:39
int opt_SrcPlus
Definition: options.c:35
int opt_raw
Definition: options.c:32
int opt_verbose
Definition: options.c:25
char * optchars
Definition: options.c:20
char opt_logFile[]
Definition: options.c:41
char opt_dir[]
Definition: options.c:40
int optionParse(int argc, const char **argv)
Definition: options.c:112
int opt_force
Definition: options.c:23
int opt_quit
Definition: options.c:30
char opt_SourcesPath[]
Definition: options.c:45
int opt_mark
Definition: options.c:27
int opt_Mark
Definition: options.c:28
int opt_twice
Definition: options.c:36
int optionInit(int argc, const char **argv)
Definition: options.c:50
int opt_console
Definition: options.c:26
int opt_stats
Definition: options.c:33
int opt_buffered
Definition: options.c:21
int opt_exit
Definition: options.c:24
int opt_Source
Definition: options.c:34
int opt_Twice
Definition: options.c:37
char opt_7z[]
Definition: options.c:43