ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8235-gcd88a97
basepic.h File Reference
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#define FT_OUTLINE_GLYPH_CLASS_GET   &ft_outline_glyph_class
#define FT_BITMAP_GLYPH_CLASS_GET   &ft_bitmap_glyph_class
#define FT_DEFAULT_MODULES_GET   ft_default_modules

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#define FT_BITMAP_GLYPH_CLASS_GET   &ft_bitmap_glyph_class

Definition at line 29 of file basepic.h.


#define FT_DEFAULT_MODULES_GET   ft_default_modules

Definition at line 30 of file basepic.h.


#define FT_OUTLINE_GLYPH_CLASS_GET   &ft_outline_glyph_class

Definition at line 28 of file basepic.h.