ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2765-g10e48fa
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1 #ifndef FREELDR_MMU_H
2 #define FREELDR_MMU_H
4 int GetDEC(void);
5 int GetMSR(void);
6 int GetPhys( paddr_t addr );
9 void SetPhys( paddr_t addr, int val );
10 void SetPhysHalf( paddr_t addr, int val );
11 void SetPhysByte( paddr_t addr, int val );
12 int GetSR(int n);
13 void SetSR(int n, int val);
14 void GetBat( int bat, int inst, int *batHi, int *batLo );
15 void SetBat( int bat, int inst, int batHi, int batLo );
16 int GetSDR1(void);
17 void SetSDR1( int newsdr );
18 int BatHit( int bath, int batl, int virt );
19 int BatTranslate( int bath, int batl, int virt );
20 /* translate address */
21 int PpcVirt2phys( vaddr_t virt, int inst );
22 int PtegNumber( vaddr_t virt, int hfun );
23 #endif/*FREELDR_MMU_H*/
int GetPhys(paddr_t addr)
GLdouble n
Definition: glext.h:7729
int GetDEC(void)
Definition: mmu.c:10
unsigned long paddr_t
Definition: mmu.h:89
int GetSR(int n)
Definition: mmu.c:136
unsigned long vaddr_t
Definition: mmu.h:90
int BatTranslate(int bath, int batl, int virt)
Definition: mmu.c:313
void SetPhysByte(paddr_t addr, int val)
GLuint GLfloat * val
Definition: glext.h:7180
int GetPhysByte(paddr_t addr)
int GetSDR1(void)
Definition: mmu.c:282
void SetPhys(paddr_t addr, int val)
int GetMSR(void)
Definition: mmu.c:4
int GetPhysHalf(paddr_t addr)
int PpcVirt2phys(vaddr_t virt, int inst)
Definition: mmuutil.c:353
void SetSR(int n, int val)
Definition: mmuutil.c:191
GLenum const GLvoid * addr
Definition: glext.h:9621
void SetPhysHalf(paddr_t addr, int val)
int BatHit(int bath, int batl, int virt)
Definition: mmu.c:308
void GetBat(int bat, int inst, int *batHi, int *batLo)
Definition: mmu.c:191
void SetBat(int bat, int inst, int batHi, int batLo)
Definition: mmu.c:236
int PtegNumber(vaddr_t virt, int hfun)
Definition: mmuutil.c:406
void SetSDR1(int newsdr)
Definition: mmu.c:288