ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1638-gc0caa5c
reiserfs_super_block_v1 Struct Reference

#include <reiserfs_fs.h>

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Public Attributes

__u32 s_block_count
__u32 s_free_blocks
__u32 s_root_block
struct journal_params s_journal
__u16 s_blocksize
__u16 s_oid_maxsize
__u16 s_oid_cursize
__u16 s_umount_state
char s_magic [10]
__u16 s_fs_state
__u32 s_hash_function_code
__u16 s_tree_height
__u16 s_bmap_nr
__u16 s_version
__u16 s_reserved_for_journal
__u32 s_blocks_count
__u32 s_free_blocks_count

Detailed Description

Definition at line 139 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ s_block_count

__u32 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_block_count

Definition at line 141 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_blocks_count

__u32 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_blocks_count

Definition at line 57 of file reiserfs.h.

◆ s_blocksize

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_blocksize

Definition at line 145 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_bmap_nr

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_bmap_nr

Definition at line 159 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_free_blocks

__u32 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_free_blocks

Definition at line 142 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_free_blocks_count

__u32 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_free_blocks_count

Definition at line 60 of file reiserfs.h.

◆ s_fs_state

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_fs_state

Definition at line 154 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_hash_function_code

__u32 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_hash_function_code

Definition at line 156 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_journal

struct journal_params reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_journal

Definition at line 144 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_magic

char reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_magic

Definition at line 151 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_oid_cursize

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_oid_cursize

Definition at line 148 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_oid_maxsize

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_oid_maxsize

Definition at line 146 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_reserved_for_journal

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_reserved_for_journal

Definition at line 163 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_root_block

__u32 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_root_block

Definition at line 143 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_tree_height

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_tree_height

Definition at line 158 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_umount_state

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_umount_state

Definition at line 149 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

◆ s_version

__u16 reiserfs_super_block_v1::s_version

Definition at line 161 of file reiserfs_fs.h.

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