ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5640-g0dde428
_OUTPUT_HANDLERS Struct Reference

#include <hardware.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* CopyLineTo )(USHORT dest, USHORT src)
void(* PrintGraf )(ULONG x, ULONG y, UCHAR c)
void(* Flush )(void)
void(* ClrLine )(ULONG line)
void(* InvertLine )(ULONG line)
void(* HatchLine )(ULONG line)
void(* PrintLogo )(BOOLEAN bShow)
void(* PrintCursor )(BOOLEAN bForce)
void(* SaveGraphicsState )(void)
void(* RestoreGraphicsState )(void)
void(* ShowCursor )(void)
void(* HideCursor )(void)
void(* SetForegroundColor )(ECOLORS)
void(* SetBackgroundColor )(ECOLORS)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file hardware.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ClrLine

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::ClrLine) (ULONG line)

◆ CopyLineTo

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::CopyLineTo) (USHORT dest, USHORT src)

◆ Flush

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::Flush) (void)

Definition at line 43 of file hardware.h.

Referenced by ConsoleInitHercules(), ConsoleInitSerial(), and Flush().

◆ HatchLine

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::HatchLine) (ULONG line)

◆ HideCursor

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::HideCursor) (void)

◆ InvertLine

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::InvertLine) (ULONG line)

◆ PrintCursor

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::PrintCursor) (BOOLEAN bForce)

◆ PrintGraf

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::PrintGraf) (ULONG x, ULONG y, UCHAR c)

◆ PrintLogo

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::PrintLogo) (BOOLEAN bShow)

◆ RestoreGraphicsState

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::RestoreGraphicsState) (void)

◆ SaveGraphicsState

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::SaveGraphicsState) (void)

◆ SetBackgroundColor

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::SetBackgroundColor) (ECOLORS)

◆ SetForegroundColor

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::SetForegroundColor) (ECOLORS)

◆ ShowCursor

void(* _OUTPUT_HANDLERS::ShowCursor) (void)

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