ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3165-gdf6fff7
tigetprotocolnumber.c File Reference
#include "../../include/precomp.h"
#include "regtests.h"
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static void RunTest ()
 _Dispatcher (TigetprotocolnumberTest, "TiGetProtocolNumber")

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◆ _Dispatcher()

_Dispatcher ( TigetprotocolnumberTest  ,

◆ RunTest()

static void RunTest ( )

Definition at line 4 of file tigetprotocolnumber.c.

4  {
6  int Proto;
7  RtlInitUnicodeString( &Str, L"1" );
8  TiGetProtocolNumber( &Str, (PULONG)&Proto );
9  _AssertEqualValue(1, Proto);
10 }
NTSTATUS TiGetProtocolNumber(PUNICODE_STRING FileName, PULONG Protocol)
Definition: proto.c:3
static const WCHAR L[]
Definition: oid.c:1250
unsigned int * PULONG
Definition: retypes.h:1
NTSYSAPI VOID NTAPI RtlInitUnicodeString(PUNICODE_STRING DestinationString, PCWSTR SourceString)