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gl_dlist_node Union Reference
Collaboration diagram for gl_dlist_node:

Public Attributes

OpCode opcode
GLboolean b
GLbitfield bf
GLubyte ub
GLshort s
GLushort us
GLint i
GLuint ui
GLenum e
GLfloat f

Detailed Description

Display list node.

Display list instructions are stored as sequences of "nodes". Nodes are allocated in blocks. Each block has BLOCK_SIZE nodes. Blocks are linked together with a pointer.

Each instruction in the display list is stored as a sequence of contiguous nodes in memory. Each node is the union of a variety of data types.

Definition at line 285 of file dlist.c.

Member Data Documentation

GLboolean gl_dlist_node::b

Definition at line 288 of file dlist.c.

GLbitfield gl_dlist_node::bf

Definition at line 289 of file dlist.c.

GLvoid* gl_dlist_node::data

Definition at line 297 of file dlist.c.

GLenum gl_dlist_node::e

Definition at line 295 of file dlist.c.

GLfloat gl_dlist_node::f

Definition at line 296 of file dlist.c.

GLint gl_dlist_node::i

Definition at line 293 of file dlist.c.

void* gl_dlist_node::next

Definition at line 298 of file dlist.c.

OpCode gl_dlist_node::opcode

Definition at line 287 of file dlist.c.

GLshort gl_dlist_node::s

Definition at line 291 of file dlist.c.

GLubyte gl_dlist_node::ub

Definition at line 290 of file dlist.c.

GLuint gl_dlist_node::ui

Definition at line 294 of file dlist.c.

GLushort gl_dlist_node::us

Definition at line 292 of file dlist.c.

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