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directory_record Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

struct directory_recordnext_in_directory
struct directory_recordnext_in_path_table
struct directory_recordnext_in_memory
struct directory_recordfirst_record
struct directory_recordparent
BYTE flags
char name [MAX_NAME_LENGTH+1]
char name_on_cd [MAX_CDNAME_LENGTH+1]
char extension [MAX_EXTENSION_LENGTH+1]
char extension_on_cd [MAX_CDEXTENSION_LENGTH+1]
const charorig_name
DATE_AND_TIME date_and_time
DWORD sector
DWORD size
DWORD joliet_sector
DWORD joliet_size
unsigned level
WORD path_table_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 144 of file cdmake.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ date_and_time

DATE_AND_TIME directory_record::date_and_time

Definition at line 158 of file cdmake.c.

◆ extension

char directory_record::extension[MAX_EXTENSION_LENGTH+1]

Definition at line 154 of file cdmake.c.

◆ extension_on_cd

char directory_record::extension_on_cd[MAX_CDEXTENSION_LENGTH+1]

Definition at line 155 of file cdmake.c.

◆ first_record

struct directory_record* directory_record::first_record

Definition at line 149 of file cdmake.c.

◆ flags

BYTE directory_record::flags

Definition at line 151 of file cdmake.c.

◆ joliet_name

char* directory_record::joliet_name

Definition at line 156 of file cdmake.c.

◆ joliet_sector

DWORD directory_record::joliet_sector

Definition at line 161 of file cdmake.c.

◆ joliet_size

DWORD directory_record::joliet_size

Definition at line 162 of file cdmake.c.

◆ level

unsigned directory_record::level

Definition at line 163 of file cdmake.c.

◆ name

char directory_record::name[MAX_NAME_LENGTH+1]

Definition at line 152 of file cdmake.c.

◆ name_on_cd

char directory_record::name_on_cd[MAX_CDNAME_LENGTH+1]

Definition at line 153 of file cdmake.c.

◆ next_in_directory

struct directory_record* directory_record::next_in_directory

Definition at line 146 of file cdmake.c.

◆ next_in_memory

struct directory_record* directory_record::next_in_memory

Definition at line 148 of file cdmake.c.

◆ next_in_path_table

struct directory_record* directory_record::next_in_path_table

Definition at line 147 of file cdmake.c.

◆ orig_name

const char* directory_record::orig_name

Definition at line 157 of file cdmake.c.

◆ parent

struct directory_record* directory_record::parent

Definition at line 150 of file cdmake.c.

◆ path_table_index

WORD directory_record::path_table_index

Definition at line 164 of file cdmake.c.

◆ sector

DWORD directory_record::sector

Definition at line 159 of file cdmake.c.

◆ size

DWORD directory_record::size

Definition at line 160 of file cdmake.c.

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